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Who we are


Upskilling For Change believes that English language skills are essential for millions of people in order to access life-changing educational or professional opportunities. A working ability in the global lingua franca also helps us all to access information, and communicate across borders. In a globalised world, we need a shared language, and English is currently the tool we have. We’re all passionate about what we do, but there are problems in our profession:




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Upskilling For Change is a community of English-language teachers from all over the world working to transform attitudes and practices in the English Language Teaching (ELT) profession.

We believe that ELT can be a fair, representative, inclusive and safe place to work, learn and teach.


Our vision is an ELT profession which reflects the truly global and evolving nature of the English language, a place where learners and educators are valued and not exploited, and where quality English language learning is accessible to all who desire it.


Our mission is to change attitudes and ideas around English as a ‘prestige’ language, to decolonise our teaching, value our educators, promote and celebrate all languages, and to shift to a thinking in which English is a tool for international access and mobility, where access to quality English-language education is a right, not a privilege.


What we do

  • Upskilling For Change holds a free monthly online space for English-language teachers. This is a space where educators can connect, share, and network with other teaching professionals from all over the world. Read more about our Global Staffroom events, here

  • Have you visited our YouTube channel? These videos are for learners and showcase discussions about cultural similarities and differences between teachers from all over the world. Learners can hear different accents and see a variety of cultures represented, leading to better listening skills and a more rounded understanding of the lingua franca. Oh, did we mention the free PDF that comes which each video?

  • Get to know us more intimately! Our podcast is a great place to listen to us talk in more detail about the various issues which are important to us. Featuring episodes from our Founding Members as well as guest speakers, we feel the podcast is a great place to get to know us better, whether you are a learner, a teacher, or both! 

​You can also read more about our Founding Members here, and use the links below to visit our social media! Make sure you sign up to our newsletter here, or by using the pop-up on this page, so that we can keep you up to date with the many activities we have planned for 2023!

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