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Culture Talks
YouTube For Learners

Are you learning English? Interested in how we can use English as a tool to get to know each other better? Would you like to know more about life in other places?

Upskilling For Change teachers hold regular, interesting discussions on various cultural issues such as cuisine, superstitions, beauty standards and local festivals, in order to showcase the cultural and linguistic variety within our community. You can benefit from hearing different accents and Englishes, and learn about different customs and traditions in other places.


In order to support you with your listening skills, help your learning, and introduce you to new vocabulary, a free worksheet accompanies every video which can be downloaded from the list below, and printed out for you to work through while watching the video. Discussions are roughly thirty minutes in length in order not to be too overwhelming or time-consuming.

Enjoy! We hope you learn from us, and we'd love to learn from you, too! Please leave your thoughts and reactions in the comments under the videos!

Bullying: Download PDF Worksheet


Superstitions!Download PDF Worksheet

Morning Rituals!Download PDF Worksheet

Beauty Standards!: Download PDF Worksheet

Weddings!: Download PDF Worksheet

Food & Cuisine: Download PDF Worksheet

My First Time Abroad: Download PDF Worksheet

Spring FestivalsDownload PDF Worksheet

Telephoning!Download PDF Worksheet

YouTube: News
YouTube: News
YouTube: News
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