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Global Staffroom

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Friday 29th March 2024!
15:00 - 16:00 (GMT) 

Join us for our monthly online event for educators.

Required English Level: Professional working proficiency.


This monthly online event facilitated by Upskilling For Change members has been running successfully since October 2022.


English-language educators from all over the world come together once a month for one hour via Zoom to connect and share with other English language professionals in different countries and working in different contexts. Teachers share their successes, challenges, and questions in a supportive atmosphere in order to learn from each other, widen their own thinking, and improve their teaching practice.


This event is for English-language educators who wish to network with other international colleagues, gain different perspectives and hear new ideas.


Collaborative learning and sharing is at the heart of everything we do, and this is a space in which educators of different ages, genders, contexts and experience levels can connect and learn from each other.

Copy of Copy of Orange Modern Brian Tech Center Logo (Letterhead) (Logo) (Instagram Post)
Copy of Copy of Orange Modern Brian Tech Center Logo (Letterhead) (Logo) (Instagram Post)

Who is this for?


Anyone working in English-language education.


We understand that many of us are increasingly isolated in our jobs, without sufficient investment from our employers in our training and professional development. Many of us have little contact with other teachers and few chances to connect with others to discuss problems, solutions, and ideas. This is a place to think aloud and openly, to expand your thinking, listen to the experiences of other teachers in other places, hear new ideas, and feel connected with and passionate about your work!

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How does it work?


Each session is designed and facilitated to be a relaxed, casual, friendly space. You don't need to prepare for these sessions - we know you have enough to do already!

We'll use breakout rooms to encourage networking as well as guided discussion in the main room. Each session also includes warmer and closer activities which we hope you'll be able to adapt and use in your own classrooms. Come prepared to talk! We'll encourage discussion and ensure the climate in the room stays respectful, kind, and safe.

Platform: Zoom

Time: 60 minutes

*For our camera policy, please see the FAQs below

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FAQs about the Global Staffroom



Do I need to prepare anything?


No! The idea of these sessions is to get you thinking about and reflecting on your own teaching. So, if you want to, have a think about what you might like to share in the session. This could be something that has been working well for you recently, or something you've been struggling with. But, the short answer is no! There's no pre-session homework! 


Do I need to have my camera on for the session?


We generally prefer participants to keep their cameras and microphones on so that we can more easily engage with and discuss with you, so if you are able to, please do keep your camera on. However, we also understand that there are reasons such as your location/workspace, internet connection, or sensory issues which may make it difficult to use the camera. If you are not able to have your camera or mic on, please do let us know in advance of the session. Equally, if there is any other way you’d like us to accommodate you in the session, just send us an email to tell us! Thanks!


Can I attend if I have background noise or if I am in a public space?


You can participate from anywhere! However, these events aren’t lectures. You’ll be talking more than we will! They’re interactive discussions so you will need to be somewhere which allows you to fully engage in the discussion. If you’re only able to watch and not engage, we suggest that maybe you skip this one and try to attend another month when you’re more able to fully participate.


Any other questions?


If you have any other questions, please get in touch!

We’re always happy to hear from you and answer questions!

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