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Teaching and correcting pronunciation
(when English is a lingua franca!)

Community Skill-share Thursday 14th March 2024 from 15:00 until 16:00 (GMT)


Are you passionate about helping your students improve their pronunciation?


Do you want to be in a space where you can share insights, discuss any difficulties and learn new ways to teach pronunciation?


Then our upcoming Skill-share in March is tailor-made especially for you!

We invite you to join us on Thursday 14th March 2024 from 15:00 until 16:00 (GMT) where community members Galina and Juan will be guiding you through a discussion on teaching and correcting pronunciation, and delving into the nuances of pronunciation!

You are invited to reflect on these ideas before the session:


Pronunciation is something that -

  • Can be taught explicitly

  • Can only be learned

  • Is more important for the speaker

  • Is more important for the listener

Now that we know English is a global 'lingua franca' what role does pronunciation play in our classrooms?

There are no right and wrong answers - we’re here to share, learn and connect with other teachers while exploring this topic!

About Us: About Us

These sessions are open to all community members, make sure to book your free place on this one-time workshop as these sessions are not recorded! Places are limited in order to ensure a productive and accessible space for everyone present and places are allotted on a 'first come first served' basis.


Not a community member yet? Interested in becoming a member? Email to find out how.


If you’re interested in running a skill-share or workshop for our community, please email with the subject header “SKILLSHARES AND WORKSHOPS" to get in touch with our project manager.

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